Général conditions

You have chosen to walk with our donkeys. Our routes vary from 10 to 16 kilometres per day. Taking into account rest breaks and variable terrain we feel this to be the right pace for an enjoyable relaxing holiday. From our extensive experience of working with donkeys, our vast knowledge of the Vercors landscape, and from feedback, we have hand-picked routes that we know to be practicable and feasible for you and the donkeys. We strongly advise you to let us know if you itend following any alternative routes. It is your responsability to ansure your party is able to read and understand ordinance survey maps, that the route you choose is within your party's physical capabilities, and that you have adequate equipement for your chosen trek.

The donkeys accompanying you are for transporting your baggage. As children are not covered by insurance to ride on them it is the parents responsibility to prevent them from doing so. Our professionnal civil liability insurance covers any damage our donkeys might do to you or your equipment, but, if any donkey is injured, or if any of our equipment is damaged whilst under your supervision your insurance will br liable. The equipement which we place at your disposal is of good quality and in good condition, if it is lost, or returned in a damaged condition incompatible with normal wear and tear we would expect compensation from you.

The price charged for each excursion (as indicated on the information sheet) includes the hire of one or more donkeys, equipement (saddlebags, equipement for the donkey night), and the cost to us of arranging your holiday - checking and confirming details, booking accomodation etc. Payment for pre-booked accomodation should be made direct to the owner of the establishement on request. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your reservation.

Rates for each hike (see details) concern the location of one or more donkeys, equipment (sticks, bags, equipment for night) and the preparation of your hike by us and pre-booking lodgings . The nights are settling with accommodation. They ask you to confirm the reservation, a deposit. If the advance payment of pre-bookings will not be maintained.

We expect you to take on the responsibility of looking after 'your' donkey. Before setting out on your walk you will bi given the opportunity to spend a little time (about an hour) getting to know him/her, and bi given basic instructions on how to care for him/her, eg - how to control the donkey, safety and security requirements, so that you have the knowledge and confidence to ensure his well being (especially at the end of the day). The places that we have arranged for you to stay in for the night are adapted to receive donkeys - having safe ground for them to graze on, hay and water, and will charge you 2 - 4 euros for each donkey, each night. Adults in charge of the group should always be vigilant and ensure that children act responsibly in dealing with the donkeys.

Conditions of Booking:
Acceptance of our general conditions of contract are assumed when you confirm your booking. When we receive word from you that you would like to book one of our walks we will contact you when we have checked that donkey/s and the accomodation you have requested are avaible on the dates you have chosen. Booking is confirmed when we receive your deposit. The balance is due the first day of your holiday. See (fact sheet).

You will forfeit some or all of your deposit if you cancel your holiday with OK CORR ÂNE.

1/ 100% if you cancel 1 - 15 days before date of departure.
50% if you cancel 15 - 30 days before date of departure.
Your deposit will be refunded in full by OK CORR ÂNE if you cancel your holiday more than 30 days before date of departure.

2/ If you cancel or curtail your holiday (after consulting with OK CORR ÂNE) because of bad weather, or because of one of your party has become ill during the holiday, the amount of the balance of the holiday will be retained by OK CORR ÂNE. However, you will be issued with a credit note for the remaining days to be used at a later date.

3/ If we cancel your holiday due to exceptional circumstance (eg naturel catastrophe, donkey/s being indisposed because of illness or injury) we will refund in full all monies paid by you to OK CORR ÂNE.