Ours OK CORR ANES excursions

Excursion 1 day
Depart 9.30/ Return 16h

From April to October
An accompanied walk wifh a donkey driver or unaccomanied

Alternaative walks
Tour of the town of La Chapelle en Vercors.
Leisurely strollto the Draye Blanche cave and animal farm.

Unaccompanied walk
1 donkey 42 euros
2 donkeys 78 euros
3 donkeys 114 euros

Accompanied walk (with Christian leading the donkey/s)
1 donke 142 euros
2 donkeys 178 euros
3 donkeys 214 euros

We believe that this walk will transform you into a donkey-walking enthusiast !!!!
the route (of about 11 kilometres, easy walking) takes you along charming and varied traks around Mount Claveyrons.You can easily find the route on the map that we give you.

1 donkey can carry a 40 kilogram load. (Count on 1 pack donkey for every 3 adults, or 2 adults and 1 child). Price reduction depending on the number of donkeys taken.