Postal Code   Town   Country
Total number of walkers   which   moderator (if colony, association..)  
Dog(s)              Desired number of donkeys  
Starting date of your Excursion  
Name of the Excursion  
Number of days              
Are your dates flexible, ie are you able to come a day earlier, or a day later 
Do you go walking 
Now choose the type of accommodation you want at every stage and possibly a Optional supplies
Tip: We can accommodate us in tents already installed (2 of 4 people tents., Another sleeping 2 places a large tent and meals, you can include a barbecue, fire put at your disposal)


Day 1 Optional supplies 1  
Day 2 Optional supplies2  
Day 3 Optional supplies 3  
Day 4 Optional supplies 4  
Day 5 Optional supplies 5  
Day 6 Optional supplies 6  
Day 7 Optional supplies 7  
Now put your comments is important for us to know you, examples:
Specify the composition of the group, ages of children.
Wish you a free ride together, or with the donkey-driver Christian.
If you have any wishes; example: 2 couples want a single room for them, children can sleep all in the same room, 4 adults absolutely want a bed to the other camp nearby. Or: specify the comfort and it wants a comfort level hotel, inn, or, you want comfort minimum dormitory etc ...


Yours observations
I have read and accept the conditions