Our Supply Services


To make things even easier, our supply services can deliver - up to 25 kms from our base in La Chapelle en Vercors - food, clean clothing, tents or other sundry items to you in the evening.
(We can also give you an estimate for supplies to be delivered for ditances in excess of 25 kms on request)

Can deliver surplus baggage or clothing to you where you are staying.
Price  per group 35 euros

If you would like us to bring surplus baggage, clothing or tents to your staging point and collect them the next day.
Price  per group 65 euros

(transport donkeys)
For a departure, or return to a different location (other than OK CORR ÂNE) we can transport a maximum of 5 people (perhaps the drivers - who could then bring the vehicules back to pick up the others), and 3 to 4 donkeys, each journey.
- If you wish to start or finish you walk at a location other than at OK CORR ÂNE.
- If you would like to interrupt your holiday and return with the donkeys to OK CORR ÂNE.
Price  per group 40 euros

(cooking pot)
In the evening we can bring a hot meal (including drinks), and all for breakfast to your group, at the place where you are staying.(8 pers minimum)
Price   per adult . 25 euros
Price  per child 20 euros

(stage coach)
Maximum 5 people and baggage per voyage.
We can meet you at VALENCE TGV train station.
Price : 130 kms  per group 95 euros

We can meet you at the the Tourist Office in VILLARD DE LANS.
Price : 60 kms  per group. 55 euros